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November 10, 2010


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I saw 'parking' at the top and became immediately intrigued.

Sucks you had a bad experience with the rain and getting a parking ticket but as someone interested in parking policies, I would argue that that spot close to where you were doing your shopping may not have been there if it wasn't for the meters.

Meters keep parking spaces turning over and allow us to park easier then if we didn't have to pay. So someone may have had a worse experience trying to park and may never come downtown at all without them.

Anyway, you can appeal your ticket if you want at this link.



Hi Leo,

Thanks for the feedback. That's an interesting argument for having the meters. I had heard it before when I used to work downtown and there were so many 2 hour street spaces.

I don't really buy it though. You can stay in the metered space for 2 hours if you put enough money in, and you still got a ticket when it was free parking if you stayed over two hours.

I suppose I'll cancel out that person who will come downtown because they installed parking meters as the person who won't anymore.

Thanks for the link to the appeals process. Maybe I'll do it. I'll probably just pay it though - my time had expired after all.


i don't park downtown anymore- unless i absolutely have to. and i too plan my day in different ways to not have to. makes me sad, but i too have been the recipient of a $20 ticket. and i too am not renewing my marbles membership because i don't want to pay an arm and a leg each time i go downtown. sigh.

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