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September 29, 2010


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I laughed so hard. I had no idea there was a park called that.

WHO thought that was a good idea? Too too funny.


It IS a nice park if you can get past all of that. At least you call it by the correct name. I always tell my husband that I'm taking Evan to the playground at the dump!

Erin G

I kind of want to check this out now? Any garbage truck sightings? My 3yo would love that! :)

Convertible Girl

Esp love the part where they tell you to drive past the hazardous waste drop-off site to get to the park ;) Sounds like fun!


It is a really nice park, overall. The trail that runs between the park and Falls River is very nice, and perfect for my girls to ride bikes/scooters. And there is actually a lot of neat things for folks into mountain bikes- they even have what looks like a training area or something off one of the trails.

penny auctions

The highest bidder wins the car. Since the price isn't set, you can walk away paying less than you would at you local car dealership.

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