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August 03, 2010


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I also teach Music Together classes in the Triangle Area - Jammin Baby is now teaching in Raleigh as well. But Catherine Hale now has started her own Music Together center called Sprout Songs - her classes will begin in January. Jammin Baby and Sprout Songs will be hosting a room at First Night Raleigh this year and performing an interactive activity for families aht the Museum of Natural History. Please look out for Toddler room at First Night Raleigh this year.

Erica Berry, Director
Jammin Baby, LLC


Thanks for letting us know, Erica. That sounds really fun!


HI! So I just found this post (I am sooo behind the times I know, it's been the story of my life), and thank you SO much for the kind words! It means a lot and is very appreciated. I love your blog, especially the wit and style. You all rock.

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