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April 03, 2010


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Thank you for posting this! I'm right there with you - we also chose to live in a lower income neighborhood (diversity is awesome), yet my kids go to a school that by car is 15 minutes away. By bus it takes 45 minutes on a good day. Each way. Yes, my kids lose 90 minutes of their lives commuting every day. They go to school with some of the kids from our neighborhood, but not all. If they want to do activities with kids from school we have to drive to another town. It's ridiculous - where they go is not very diverse - where they live is very diverse. Glad to see I'm not the only one happy with the board's decision!


VERY well written. I LOVED this and agree with you 100%-my kids actually would be bused to a school 45 minutes from our house, even though there are 2 elementary schools in walking distance of us.

I think the best way to improve the schools is to help the communities take pride in them-and to have people say THAT I my school, instead of changing the busing every year and kids getting moved around constantly. My neighbor's child is in 5th grade and has gone to 3 schools already with this busing policy-how are you supposed to get involved and be proud to be part of a school when you just get moved around? How does that help the school?

ANYWAYS-I just wanted to tell you that was an excellent post. Often when I start to say I am more for community schools (though like you I'm really not passionate in one way or another) I have been called a racist-which then just stops my conversation, because I certainly don't want others to think that of me, or come across that way-and I agree, name calling on either side does nothing to help bring about positive change of any kind.


Well said. It angers me that certain groups play the race-card so often. It makes discussion nearly impossible and all reason goes out the window. I hope the school board sticks to its guns and makes the change.

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Thanks much for posting this. This opened people's eyes about what's really out there and what can it does to our lives. Your blog is really worth reading.


I'm glad that I've found your trianglemamas.typepad.com website. I have to say that it's a great blog! I admire how determined each of the entries are. They are well balanced - amusing and informational - and the pictures are nice too.


Im impressed on how they are coordinated.

Nita Stelling

I also agree with you. We also chose to live in a lower income neighborhood. But that doesn't stop us from living happily and normally. And I have to drive them on their way to school, because they enjoy riding our car.

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