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November 23, 2009


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My lovey was a bear too. My grandmother just kept recovering and patching him. For years.

CC doesn't seem to have a lovey. It kind of makes me sad. I always imagined my child dragging around a favorite bear by the arm. Pink or not ;)


Aww. I still have "Pookie" (yes I stole the name from Garfield). He's a funny looking bear that I got at the hospital when I was hit by a car on my 10th birthday. He's so old and tattered but I can't bear to part with him. When my daughter had a bad case of strep throat, Pookie sat on her night table to keep her company. :)

I love watching my kids care for their little stuffed animals: dragging them around, setting them at their own plate at lunchtime, tucking them into bed when they leave for school in the morning. So sweet.


Great post! I love that our little ones know no stereotypes ... at least for now.

I was thrilled last week when, at the doctor's office, Small Fry plucked a Spider Man sticker from the basket filled with sparkly pink princess stickers. I'm constantly fascinated by the things that interest her.

Three cheers for Burt!


I love it -- just means he's confident in his masculinity!

Junius's favorite friend is "Baby" -- a small white bear that came attached to a floral arrangement sent to us by my former boss when Juni was born. I nearly put it in the Goodwill pile a million times, then suddenly it became "Baby." I have no idea why -- and no idea how Baby came to be a girl -- but Junius lurves her. I, too, worry about her early demise -- totally irreplaceable.

See picture (and quick funny story) of Baby here: http://juniandpip.blogspot.com/2009/04/baby-wants-to-nurse.html.

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