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November 06, 2009


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Welcome, Melissa!

I totally get the family thing. I would love to be closer to my family.


Eek! Don't say this kind of stuff. All the family is in KS and it's food, friends, and landscape keeping us here in NC.

I will now attempt to rid my brain of all the mommy logic you just shared with me and go on living here in NC... at least for a while.


PS- Welcome to TMs. We're glad to have you.


Oh no! Mommy logic be gone!! My fam is still 4-6 hours away in all directions but we're all now in the South. Phoenix was 35 hours away-- definitely NOT drivable!

Thanks for the welcome!

cindy w

I love this post. I had a similar thing. My husband and I met & got married in Seattle. We loved it there, but after we had a baby, we felt the need to get closer to our families. His company had an office here, so we transferred. We *still* aren't really that close to our families - my parents are in Mississippi & his are in England, but since we aren't going to live in either of those locations, our logic is that at least we shortened the flights a whole lot. :-)


Our family is all over the place, AL, SC, IN, Ohio...I feel like we are in a nice central location. We can drive anywhere in a day. We love Seattle though and have friends there but it would never work!


D and I are so happy that you made the move!
Great post!

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