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September 16, 2009


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I am at a little lost for words becasue I was supposed to have surgery with Dr. Cook this past Wednesday. I was going to be under anesthesia and this Doctor apparently has a problem with drinking. He did a surgery back in june and was finishing the rest of it Sept 16th. He is an incredible Dr. and though it's not my business people's personal lives, it can overlap into the work environment, it makes it scary to think "What if he had a drinking problem and had the shakes, or came to surgery still drunk" You put your lives in their hands and this can happen. I am so nervous to trust someone b/c I had trusted him and never expected it. It goes to show, you never know what someone is capapble of until you see them at thier worst.


Wow, I am stunned by your comment. What an awful slap from reality. Thankfully you are fine. And I have heard wonderful things about Cook's surgery skills despite what demons haunted him. Hopefully justice will prevail here. Best of luck to you!


We are all just one mistake away from Dr. Cook. Talk on your cell phone, text, referee your kids while driving, this could have happened to any of us. It doesn't matter if you make 300K a year or 20K a year, if you drive mercedes or a honda, everytime you leave your home, you are putting yourself at risk.. If Dr Cook wasn't who he is, this probably wouldn't be all over the news. Leave him alone with whatever demons haunt him. He is the one that has to deal with this tragedy and what harm has been done. Who are we to judge his actions. None of us are perfect and he isn't either. What about his family, wife, daughters, mom, dad etc.... He is still alive and his actions will haunt him forever/ give the man a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry. Can't do it. Can't give the man a break. This is NOT something that could have happened to any of us. The rest of us are not driving 85mph after hours of cocktailing. While an accident can happen from inattentive driving, due to texting, phoning, referreeing--none of these events are typically done at 85mph, after waaaaaaaaay too many drinks. This is the difference. The man willfully, knowingly, purposefully, got drunk. Then he willfully, knowingly, purposefully got behind the wheel of a car (more than once) and THEN willfully, knowingly, purposefully drove that vehicle 85 mph, hell-bent for home. This was not an accident. This was a willful act. I am so very, very, very sorry that Elena Shapiro was in this man's path that night. I will not judge him. It is not my right. But, a jury of his peers should be given that opportunity. I trust they will do their job. But, please do NOT tell me this was an accident that any of the rest of us could have committed. I do not drink and drive and I do not drive my vehicle 85mph down a 45mph road. I hope that Mr. Cook can find peace and wellness somewhere along his path. But, I also hope that he spends a good deal of the rest of his life behind bars.


I don't believe he should be attacked nor his family or friends, but I don't believe he is being attacked. People are reacting not to who he was but what he did, his choice that night.
"if he wasn't who he is" I think it would have been the opposite. It would have been all over the news a lot faster including his name, race, occupation anything would have been slandered all over the news, in the titles from day one on page one. If you were really paying attention to it all in detail his occupation, name, information. fact of DWI was kept out of most headlines pushed to the very last sentence of articles and the information of his past issues didn't come out for quite a while. So because of he is he was able to have that lawyer to keep these things away for so long.
Also, his time in jail? He'd still be in there if he wasn't who he is because most of us don't have that kind of money laying around to pay bond not only once but twice.
Everyone does have their own views and opinions and yes Raymond Cook IS a husband IS a father IS a son, but Elena WAS a daughter, WAS a girlfriend, WAS a friend. She didn't have that chance to get to be a wife or a mother. She didn't get her chance to live even half as long as Raymond Cook has (and still is). What about everyone in her life who is still living? "Give him a chance"? I believe he was giving quite a few chances, yet failed to learn. Now due to his failure everyone learns and some get punished as much if not more than he is, just in a different way.
If you want to get mad at someone and say what about Raymond Cooks family and friends, I believe the person you should be aiming your comments at is Mr. Raymond Cook himself.

Middle of the Roader

Cook should be required to practice medicine, not cosmetics, at a prison for the rest of his life for $1.29/ hour. He clearly had an anger at society/arrogance problem, maybe still does and now he should pay back his debt. No mercy for Cook. He needs to be made an example to the rest of civil society. Shackles.


you all need to take the plank out of your own eye before you judge others .


to add to my above comment you should all read Luke 6:37-38 God is the one he has to answer too ..no one else ..My God Forgives & Loves and has a reason for everything maybe it was elenas time ?? maybe God will do whatever he has to ,to get someones attention ..Cook and Elenas loved ones .Think about that before you pass judgement toward someone . you have a right to your opinion but not to judge others.


it is what it is, people... the good doctor broke the law... he drove while drunk... and exceeded the speed limit... and he killed someone with his negligence... hears hoping his consequences are just and swift... whether he were a doctor, the president, or a bum on the street... it is what it is... his consequence whether legal or spiritual or civil will come... karma's a bitch.


If you want to help rid our streets of drunk drivers, there is a hearing on this case on Monday, October 26. Show up.


Would love more details on the hearing on Monday so I can share and see who can make it from our community.

the truth

it will not help the rich get off


Has there been any more information on this case? I can't seem to find any info since the day he didn't show up in court due to being in "rehab". Does anyone know the status? As is typical, the press has long forgotten and moved on.


I have been searching and haven't found squat on this case. Another example of brushing the privileged class' muck under the rug?

Hugh Jass

I haven't found anything either, and there appears to be no information about the case on the NC Courts' search feature online. Maybe he changed his name?


Amazing. I have never seen a case "disappear" like this one has. Even if temporarily... there is NOTHING about this out there. You would think SOME news organization would've followed up.


An update on this issue: new charges for Raymond Cook.


Juanita Cook

This was a shock to me to have this come up on my computer when I looked up my brother -in law Dr.
Raymond E.Cook trying to find his tomb stone in Niles Cemetery in Hinton, Okla. He is not dead but had a tomb stone in place where he will be buried. Apparently some one thought he was the same Dr. Raymond Cook that killed the
beautiful ballerina girl Elena Bright Sharprio and replied to my search for a picture of the tombstone, he is not the same person and I want to clear his name on this matter. My brother in law is Dr. Raymond E. Cook and
is a retired Chiropractor in Okla.
City. He does not drink or go to the bars. He is 73 years old, and the young man that caused the accident is much younger. I am very sorry about the death of the talented young ballerina and would like to express my sympathy to the family and friends.


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What a tragic accident. Do they have any new updates on this?

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