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August 07, 2009


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I'm all for trees myself - but in the seating area? Not so much. And since those trees break without even so much as a breeze, it seems like a liability issue just waiting to litigated. Just sayin'


You are just a tree hater, aren't you?

Absolutely kidding of course.

Susan Fenimore

I am so glad you wrote this letter; I just hope it gets into the right hands. I too was very disappointed that my guests that I bought tickets for (my father who we were celebrating his birthday and belated Father's day was one) and I could not see the stage because of this little pine tree. I don't go to outdoor concerts/performances very often; maybe once every two years, and this was one that I was really looking forward to!! What little that we did see was awesome but it would have been nice not to strain my eyes and neck to be able to see through the little branches. Doesn't make sense at an amphitheatre to have partial and blocked views.

Stephanie @ Figments

Well written!

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