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July 20, 2009


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Two Kids' Dad

Don't be so hard on yourself...parenting is a moment by moment exercise and usually a conflict of wills. Your own self-awareness, desire to do well and love for your children make you an extraordinary person...YOU are a great mom...keep up the fine work :)


We are all parents-in-training. Well, except for this one girl I know, but I think we'll find out she's just fooling herself and is also just in-training.

Abby is a lucky little girl.


Thanks, both of you. :) Today was better than most of our days last week. Mainly because...I made cookies?


Oh I hear ya!! Some days are better then others. This post really got to me, but honestly we are all moms in training and then we will be grandmas who can advise our daughters/sons on how to raise their kids (and they won't listen) they have to learn for themselves. Girls are a challenge but that is mostly because they are just like us!! It is like looking in the mirror and sometimes that is a hard pill to swallow!! Best wishes!!


Thanks, Maridith -- she is a little TOO much like me sometimes. She's closing in on two, also, which means I'm in for more tantrums these days. But there are so many great things about this age, and most days we have a lot of fun. :)

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