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June 12, 2009


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We have one pet - a dog - and he's actually MY first pet ever! I never thought I'd be one of "those" people who gush and go on and on about how SMART and INTELLIGENT and SWEET my dog is...and here I am! I'll spare you the droning but you've gotta know - he REALLY is the best :)

No Minimom

We have 4 fish (3 neons & a sucker fish) because my hubby's best friend was bound and determined to get rid of... er, generously give us one of his fish tanks. The Kid takes care of them pretty well for a 5 year old.

My nieces would LOVE this game! We don't have a DS, but they do. Although maybe I could use it as my excuse to get a DS! ;-)

I already follow you on Facebook and I just tweeted about your cool contest! http://twitter.com/Nominimom/status/2169898353


Oooh, what fun! We've always had dogs. We have fish right now, but the kids still love 'em!


I am currently without pet due to lack of land but oh, how I miss my Bonnie. She was a dog. Actually, she was the best dog EVER!


I have a 10-year-old grey kitty named Toby. We have been together since our bachelor days. He loves me a little too much, I think. :)

My 8-year-old niece is obsessed with dogs, and of course she has a DS. She would love this game!


We're currently trying to figure out our next pet. We lost our cat last year and my 6-year-old is clamoring for another pet. I think this game would help my daughter get an idea of what is really required in taking care of a pet.


I grew up with a cat but haven't had a pet since then. Darn allergies.


I don't have a pet now, but we are looking forward to getting another dog when my youngest son is older.

Two Lines On a Stick

We just got our first family pets today- a brand new aquarium with four fish and two ghost shrimp! My daughter is so excited :)


We have our Mille...she's a red-headed cockerspaniel and we just adore her.

Beautifully Unique

Darby and Freda are our blue heelers and they are part of the family.


Nope no pets here, wait to kids and a husband count? Seriously though we had a dog but she passed away when my 1st child was 1 week old my husband and son have been working VERY hard at trying to convince me to get another one.


My cats died recently at age 16. I lived with them longer than I even lived with my parents. I still think I'm going to see Casey curled up under my desk or Capote waiting at the front door when my keys jingle. And swear I still feel them curled up at my feet in the middle of the night.


Tell you about our pets...well..we have a full fish tank..and a baby kitten..and my kids keep a dog at my mom's house, and the dog just had 2 puppies.


We have a dog and a cat - dog is Trilla, cat Mr. Pickles. And funny timing for this entry as just this week they seem to have become the best of friends. They are both outdoor pets (allergies) and usually being together....well, it wasn't pretty with one of them eventually moving off the deck with a disgusted look on their face at the other. But now they spend their lazy summer days snuggling together (it isn't too hot here...yet) and generally getting along. They were even seen doing some sweet nuzzling of each other this evening.


Whew - I'm in just under the wire!!

Sounds like a very cool game! We have one cat, Audrey. When we got home today there was a note from my FIL who stopped by while we were gone and said he found poop on the couch (believable) and pee on the rug (absolutely not. that was vomit. she's bulimic but does not pee outside of her box. just sayin...)


I think I'm going to miss the cutoff, but I totally have a DS and that sounds like fun. Well, maybe next time.

Becky Scott

Huh. Totally thought that would show my west coast time.


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Our chocolate lab even presented with a good learning opportunity because he had some weirdo eye condition from where he pulled too hard on the leash.

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