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May 27, 2009


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Great post! The DBAP is an incredible value. I like to get lawn seats and spread out on a sheet. Also, if you go on Friday nights, there's free fireworks after the game. The only catch is by the time the fireworks come around it's pretty late. My advice is if you're not a huge baseball fan or if you have kids who may lose interest, get to a Friday night game an hour late. The parking decks are free an hour after the game starts (you just have to drive near the top to find a spot) there's no lines to get in or get food and then you have a shorter wait until fireworks!

Also, if your kids are obsessed with Wool E. Bull, he usually rides his gokart onto the field around the 7th inning stretch. So head over to the kiddie playland area before the stretch and look down .... you can see the spot where he waits in the wings for the inning to end.

This isn't the best picture to illustrate it (I'm more interested in shoes than Wool E. Bull, but what can I say, I'm a woman) but here's what I'm talking about Re: Waiting for Wool E. Bull:


Also, I'm highlighting your post on 30THREADS today!

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