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April 02, 2009


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Some of the boys in Bird's music class come dressed in a smocked john john every single week. Granted, we have a couple for church, but day to day? No way. And I'm with you on the 2T thing. That is quite large enough to dress your child like a baby.

You could always just slap some bunny ears on them and take that photo :)


Seriously. I mean, we spend all this time potty training and then I'm going to dress my son in something he can't undo himself when he needs to pee? No way. That's what khakis and an argyle sweater vest are for.


Living "up north" now, I had totally forgotten about john johns.

Little Bear would never forgive me if I put those on his truck-loving, shoelace-untying, "me do" 2T self.

Good luck with the photo!

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