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March 03, 2009


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That is quite possibly the most entirely beautiful thing I have ever in my life read.

Must fetch tissue and go peek in on my son now.


Thanks, Marty. I hope it didn't send you into sugar shock. ;)

The font in this entry is all different and grey, at least in Safari. Is it weird in anyone else's browser? (It doesn't really matter, there's nothing to "fix," it's just odd.)


I agree with Marty. This is probably the most beautiful post I have ever read. Are you available for ghost writing? I've always wanted to write something so loving and deep about/for my son but just don't have the words you do.

Well done.

-Abby B.


Thank you, Abby, for the sweet comment. Really, I think the words are probably in you. It takes a special combination of obnoxious navel-gazing, looking at tons of newborn baby pictures, and a glass or two of pinot noir.

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