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December 17, 2008


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Renee Graves

oh my god! How horrible for you!! Did the Rachel person ever apologize herself? I'm so sorry... it seems to me that if you work in any health-care field - EVEN IF IT IS "JUST PETS" - you should be trained to have a little compassion, first and foremost. That was inexcusable. I'm sorry, Marty.


It's because of writing like this that I nominated you for a bloggy award. Please stop by and accept. http://unst.blogspot.com/2008/12/like-jane-austen-only-with-computers.html


I am so sorry.

I wish there were some way to get there and offer you a cup of something warm, a hug and a shoulder.

Unbelievably unprofessional. I would have yelled as well. I am in outraged for you and in shock.


Absolutely awful. I hope this brings an apology from the vet.


Oh, wow. You have my sympathy, first on the loss of your beloved doggie, and second for the awful way you were forced to spend your last moments with her. I recently had to make the unbelievably difficult decision to put my sweet pup to sleep, then to wait days for the appointment, then muster the strength to carry out the appointment, and I can NOT IMAGINE how horribly you were treated. My resolve would have crumbled. I would have been inconsolable. Thank goodness our kind vet made it as peaceful as possible. Your vet's office needs to do some compassion training with its techs and office staff. Perhaps you can suggest this to your ex-vet.

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