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November 18, 2008


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I've been following this story too. I do think there was a lot of overreaction. I got the gist of what they were trying to say but it came across as snarky. I'm glad they've reconsidered and removed it from their advertising (which I'm sure is costing them a bit of cash).

What I did find amazing is that they DID listen to the moms. The angry mommas on Twitter made #motrinmoms the #1 topic for quite a while that in and of itself is powerful.

I'm proud to be a part of a group that has such power and tends to wield it wisely. Go Mommy Bloggers!

I think the next topic we should tackle is seeking more Family & Medical Leave. Let's expand FMLA so mothers (and dare I say, fathers) can feel confident taking leave for their children without worrying about job security.


When I watched that ad, I thought I was going to have a seizure with all the words flying around...

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