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November 06, 2008


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We don't get many snuggles these days either. In the morning, for a few minutes.

But when I do - when he does - lay his head on my chest and sit still for a few seconds, my heart just melts and pours down into my toes.

He feels like such a big boy now, but has so far to go. It's an interesting place to be (9 months).


8-9 months is weird - they're mobile, want to be toddlers, but are not quite there yet. It's this strange limbo period; you miss your baby but you don't quite have a toddler.


Oh, that is just my favorite baby age when they are simply so interactive and still so portable and edible. And it's the calm before the true "no no" stage sets in. I hope I'm not speaking too soon but "Logan" just might be coming out of his toddler defiance stage...

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