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August 13, 2008


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Two Lines On a Stick

Pity party for me, I'm in the Midwest :(

Great idea though!


Congrats on the launch. I'd love to be a part of it.


I'd love to share my butterfly house story where my 2 year old kicked the girl in the that I'm over my mortification:)


What a great idea. I'd love to help.


great idea. and if my dream comes true and we one day move to NC, I would love to join you guys.


I'm on the outskirts of the triangle, but I consider myself a triangle mommy because that's where I socialize, shop, and look for other mom friends. I'm excited about this new blog! Thanks for creating it!

Corrina Page

After reading Abby's blog, I have added this blog to my Favs. I look forward to seeing the blog grow. My 1 yr old daughter does like, no loves, watching the Bulls games and loves Wool E Bull. She also loves the oversized cow outside of Chick-fil-a!!


delurking to say hey I live in Raleigh. I've been "mommy blogging" for 3 years and blogged before I even was a mommy...If you haven't seen this site
check it out

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