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August 29, 2008


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I just walked in the door from the REI sale. I love REI because it's casual without being sloth like. And I need all the help I can get to not be sloth like.

My fashion issue is what tops 1)Will be big enough for my boobs, and 2)Can I get to said boobs to nurse throughout the day?

I have a sneaking suspicion though, that you looked adorable and that any moms you meet out probably feel the same way you have so eloquently stated here.


You know, I've been leaning toward that kind of look too. I've been checking out Athleta and Title Nine online. They have active wear that looks great. I struggle with the same stuff (big boobs and nursing convenience) of course that's no excuse for my flipflop obsession. I have little feet.


I am absolutely about the flipflops. I wear them to work (and then change into one of three pair of work shoes I have stashed at my cubbie). And if there wasn't such a dress code at work I wouldn't even take them off.
And I hate dressing up. I get by with the minimum-est business casual at work because I refuse to buy nice work cloths.

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